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How do I wash and care for my item?

Always check the inner label on all garments for detailed instructions on how to wash and care for your item. Labels are located on the back neckline or side seams of the item.

Here are some helpful hints to keep mind…

  • Sort dark colors, bright colors, and white colors into separate loads before washing. Delicate items or items made of thinner, fragile fabrics like mesh and sequins should also be washed separate from heavier, more abrasive fabrics like jeans and sweaters.
  • Wash high pile fabrics like thick sweaters, towels or blankets separate from dark fabrics and fabrics that attract lint.
  • Treat troublesome stains with a stain remover and pre-soak stained clothing before laundering.
  • Turn the following inside out:
    • Colors, to keep them bright and lively
    • Items with embroideries, embellishments and prints for minimal agitation to the design
    • Microfiber tights and items made of synthetic fabrics to prevent snagging or pilling
  • Zip up zippers, button up buttons and fasten velcro strips and your items will escape from the wash without a hitch, a snag or a tangle.
  • Always be sure to check the pockets of all garments before washing and drying. The stains and damage which can result from one hidden lipstick, lip balm, stick of gum or crayon goes beyond words!
  • Some fabrics have a tendency to shrink even when they are pre-shrunk. When in doubt, keep it cool. Wash in cold water, tumble dry low or line dry and use a cool iron only when needed.
  • Wash new denims and new items with dark dyes inside out and separately the first few washes to avoid excess dye from possibly bleeding and streaking.
  • Clothing should be left in the dryer just long enough to remove moisture and wrinkles. Any longer and the heat can actually set wrinkles, increase static cling and cause shrinkage. Consider this for both natural and “man-made” fibers.
  • Do not overload your dryer. Too much in the dryer will lead to items getting jumbled together, lots of damp clothing and oodles of wrinkles.

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